DESIGN is the way to expose your products on the competitive market. Especially with increasing competition and less dominant technological advantages it is the suitable instrument to show your customer the high standards of your company and, therefore, is an important factor for successful active marketing.
Qualified design means not only an attractive exterior, it also includes the know how of an experienced specialist for presenting a good synthesis concerning STYLING into details and well- devised shapes covering innovative ideas from ENGINEERING and all technical, ergonomical and economical production orientated possibilities and circumstances with PRODUCT GRAPHICS the way of colour selection and lettering the exterior of a product is optimised and recognisable, manufacturer related.
The result is a product which is convincing in appearance and functionality. It is also possible to modify an existing product by redesigning one or more exposed cabinet parts and, therefore, adapt it accordingly to your product line.

DeSIGN Michael Falschebner Ulm is your competent partner in realising your goals at favourable conditions.